Global Poverty Project, Apr 2013

IODR donated £1,800 to ‘Live below the line’ which challenges people to live below the poverty line for 5 days. The project empowers families and communities...

Bohol Earthquake, Philippines Oct 2013

The Bohol earthquake was recorded at 7.2. It affected the whole Central Visayas region, particularly Bohol and Cebu. According to official reports 222 were reported dead, 8 were missing, and 976 people were injured. In all, more than 73,000 structures were damaged.

Haiti Earthquake, Jan 2010

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 rocked Haiti in early 2010. The quake is measured to have claimed 220,000 lives and injured a further 300,000...

Sri Lanka-Their Future Today, Dec 2013

Their Future Today provides support to Sri Lankan orphans to help reunite them with remaining family members. ..

Japan Earthquake, Mar 2011

The earthquake off the Pacific coast was a magnitude 9. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to have hit Japan, and the fifth most powerful...

Burma Cyclone, May 2008

Cyclone Nargis claimed 138,000 lives and is the worst natural disaster in the history of Burma.The cyclone was a category 4 storm...

South Asian Tsunami, Dec 2004

One of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded, the Boxing Day Tsunami measured 9.1 magnitude and shook the Indian Ocean region, badly affecting...

Pakistan-Kashmir Earthquake, Oct 2005

Nearly 75,000 people were killed by the 7.6 magnitude Kashmir Earthquake on 8th October 2005. The worst affected area was...

In the wake of a disaster hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of people can be left with nothing. Some lose their entire families. Some are internally displaced. Some are so badly injured that they can no longer care for their families. The first few hours and days are the critical period where the extent of the damage and loss is unknown.

Our impact has two stems:

Immediate - IODR puts together whatever resources they can in order to send boxes containing blankets, torches, tinned supplements, tents and other essentials needed in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. We do this either directly or in conjunction with our partners.

Long Term Relief - are where IODR make its most significant, valuable and sustainable impact on the lives of those affected by natural disasters. There is often an immediate phase following any disaster when international media and attention highlight the foremost concerns but the long term plight of individuals and/or their families can be forgotten or displaced.

We believe that rehabilitation through education should be considered in the broadest sense, not just one of educating through reading and writing. We believe that children need to be encouraged and given the confidence to grow through sports and play. Our long terms projects evolve around these beliefs and as well as building schools and orphanages in India and Kenya, we have built recreational centers in Sri Lanka.